Ideal cleaning of surfaces, effective protection against dirts for a long time.

The combination of specialized equipment and advanced cleaners of Permanon brand guarantees the removal of even the most stubborn dirt.

  • Aircrafts keeping the air fleet

    uilding cleaning

    The offer for airlines and companies having airplanes. Comprehensive cleaning of the air fleet with guaranteed protection of cleaned surfaces...

    Aircraft cleaning
  • Buildings cleaning of smooth facades, windows and frames

    uilding cleaning

    Cleaning of buildings with smooth facades, such as: car showrooms, office blocks, banks. Removal of dirts, resulting from smog and dust...

    Building cleaning
  • Vehicles cleaning of trucks, commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

    buildings cleaning

    Vehicle cleaning services, including: commercial vehicles, as well as passenger cars. Effective removal of dirts after trips on the road, repairs and maintenances...

    Car cleaning

Highest standards, guarantee of quality. Trust the best company.

Tab Pure includes the first-class professional equipment, and modern, eco-friendly cleaners. The PureWater Technology we use, allows to achieve the best results in cleaning surfaces of vehicles, aircrafts, as well as glass facades, windows and frames. As a result of this scientifically-developed solution, the possibility of eliminating unwanted and stubborn dirts is many times higher than using traditional methods. Owing to that, you will have clean surfaces in less period of time, and the result of works will continue up to two times longer. We exploit the specialized equipment, the use of which does not require any input from the Client, such as water or electricity. Special telescoping booms allow safe operation from the ground level. Their range is a height of 6th floor. They enable the thorough cleaning of windows and frames, even in hard to reach places.

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