Aircraft Cleaning

aircraft cleaning

Aircraft cleaning – why it is noteworhy?

Our offer is addressed to airlines, as well as companies with smaller planes. Keeping aircrafts tidy is a must. In recent years, more and more travelers have chosen to buy the aircrafts as a mean of transport, and this is why companies from the aviation sector must ensure the highest quality of services. Immaculately clean, aesthetically-looking airline fleet is a guarantee of success. Dirts in aircraft not only look unsighty, but also can limit the visibility of the remote control, or affect aerodynamics of the aircraft.

Technology and cleaners

Stubborn dirts, which we may see in aviation include: leakings from engines, oil nagars, petroleum contaminations, bird remains and droppings. Preparations by Permanon that we use for cleaning and maintenance of aircrafts allow for effective removal of all impurities, and are completely safe for surfaces to be cleaned. Alkaline agents currently used allowed to remove dirts to a small extent, undermining the structure of the aircraftskin.