czyszczenie samolotów - zdjecie samolotu po umyciu

Effective removal of dirts due to innovative technology

We introduce you the unique system of cleaning and washing smooth and large surfaces, including glass, polished and painted aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic.

Pure Water Technology

In the course of glass surface cleaning, including elevations and facades of buildings or windows, we use a unique technology, called PureWater Technology. This scientifically developed technology allows to clean even the toughest dirts, using for this purpose only demineralized water. The fact that in the course of work we do not use any chemicals may be surprising. However, the osmotic water guarantees the effect that would be difficult to achieve using traditional methods.

How the osmotic water can clean windows and other glass surfaces?

Water, that flows from our taps, is subjected to the purification in order to meet certain norms and quality standards. However, It contains minerals, which do not undergo the filtration. These minerals cause streaks and water stains on smooth surfaces, because they are too heavy to evaporate along with the water.
Our system is focused on the water purification and converting it into uniquely pure, demineralized one. Purified waterwe use to clean the surfaces ensures that, in comparison with traditionally used water, it will evaporate completely, and will not leave even the smallest dirts or stains on cleaned surfaces.
Clean water is rarely found in nature, and this is because of its tendency to absorb minerals and impurities from the surrounding environment. When the water is perfectly clean, the rate of absorption is significantly increased, this water easily removes dusts and dirts from windows. It is water we use in the course of window and glass facade cleaningby our system, so that our water absorbs a lot more dirts, leaving no unaesthetic marks.

Nanotechnological revolution in cleaning, maintenance and area security

Products by Permanon, due to the use of nanotechnology of siliconare, are not included in any chemical reactions with the surfaces. Over the years, these products have been tested and refined, so that they can effectively and permanently clean and protect all surfaces, without affecting their structures. The use of silicon nanotechnology excluded the need for use of the conventional waxes, silicons, solvents and chemicals. Permanon products are biodegradable in 96%, thus environemntally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, in contrast to commonly used alkaline agents. They do not destroy the cleaned body, but effectively remove all kinds of dirts, including oil, pertroleum, soot, organic ones, such as bird droppings, and more. Therefore, they are ideal for the cleaning of aircrafts, as well as car fleets: trucks, commercial vehicles and passenger cars.
Products by Permanon are resistant to temperatures ranging from – 40 degrees of Celsius to even 300 degrees of Celsius, as well as UV radiation. They also protect the surface against the pH alkalis, and acids (except hydrofluoric one), as well as fresh and salt water.